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The big picture

Land and property rights are not just about the developing world.

They protect the roads you use, the water you drink, the vegetable garden you just planted, the lovely flat you worked so hard to buy.

But imagine if your birth was not recorded? Do you exist officially at all? And if your property or land was not registered, how do you prove it really does belong to you?

PLACE explores the complex social, economic and political effects of inadequate land rights - from environmental sustainability and food insecurity to the potential for conflict and war.

However place will not just show you what is going wrong in the world.

We also want to tell you about the exciting and courageous projects unfolding worldwide to help solve this pressing issue.

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This is place

A global team

The Foundation’s team of high energy journalists and freelancers are placed strategically around the world to find you the stories mainstream media often overlook.

Our goal is simple: we want to spark a global conversation to show that when land and property rights are denied, social stability, economic prosperity – and even peace – are at risk.

Property rights are human rights.

A place for everyone

Our name explains our stories and our mission.

All that we own - from global struggles for affordable homes to your digital property rights.


The resource we depend on most – under pressure from industry, agriculture and population growth.


From the skies above to the minerals below ground, we go to the new frontiers in the battles for the earth’s resources.


Innovations and solutions to help cities work for everyone in our rapidly urbanising world.


How individuals and whole communities can change when they have rights to their land and home.

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