FILM: Deadly conflict in Nicaragua's Mosquito Coast

    by Tristan Martin and Faye Planer
    Thursday, 27 April 2017 18:41 BST

Mestizo farmer Jose Boanerges (right), outside his cattle ranch near Sahsa, Nicaragua. February 4, 2017. Tristan Martin/Thomson Reuters Foundation

Ronald Maclovio takes off his t-shirt to show the scars ten bullets left on his chest.

In June 2015, he says, illegal settlers shot him and attacked his community of Francia Sirpi, an indigenous Miskito village on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua also known as the Mosquito Coast.

"They did it just for the fun of it," he says.

Maclovio is not alone: many Miskito people report unprovoked attacks by non-indigenous settlers and tensions flare over land.

The worst of this conflict has unfolded far from the single, unpaved road that connects the region to the rest of Nicaragua. Dominated by pine forests, this sparsely populated, remote coastal plain has become the most violently contested territory in the country.

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